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"Well," he added, thoughtfully, "the odds a■re against

d one; I hav e never smelt?/a>

you four to one." Approaching h■er first-born the

mother laid her hand on h●is shoulder, and said: "Tell

me, my bo■y, did you ever see a pain?"● "No," he rep

lied. "Did you ever h■ear a pain?" "No." "Did you ev

er smell a p■ain?" "No." "Did you

as the ■testimony of that one sense suffi●cient to convince yo

u of the existence of pain?"● "Yes," he replied. "And the test●imony of that same sense has convinced me■," she said, "not only of the existence, but■ of the presence and love, of Go●d." "Well, mother," said Phil, who shuffled ab●out uneasily, "I have seen so many hypocri●tes among Church members that I, for o●ne, do not wish to be classed w■ith them. There was Tom Adams, o●ne of Mr. Meach's favorites, ■who was always in his seat at the m●eeting-house, who would not shave on■ Sunday, but had no conscience ab●out shaving us six days in the week

. H●e would not blacken his boots on Sunday, b●ut he did not hesitate to blac■ken the character of any man in the settlement● who disagreed with him in anything, on■ Sunday or any other day." "The ve■ry existence of hypocri

" said his mot her, "●and I deli
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uld happen to find a c■ounterfeit coin it would need no arg

et themselves resolutely to wi■n him to the faith with the full force of thei■r intellects. They read, the●y pleaded, they wrote, they arg●ued, they reasoned. As time went● on their best efforts seeme■d frustrated, a

nd, when at length they see●med to come

to the end of all their resour■ces, both cast themselves in utter ●despair upon God and prayed as on●ly a mother and sister can. Nor did they p●ray in vain, for the time came when he found his● way out of the darknes

s into the light of tru■th. CHAPTER VIII. CHAPTER VIII.

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her in■to a religious recluse—rather the rev■erse. Her association with gay daugh

ters o●f wealthy Seigneurs and others had■ the effect of deepening her love of ■adventure and romance. Sally Smith continued● to be her most intimate frie■nd, and any h

olidays, which in those days were f●ew and far between, were spent at the Citad■el. One evening a young officer cal■led, and during the absence of her mother from● the room Sally said, her eyes■ dancing with mischief

: "Let me in●troduce you to my friend, Miss ■Wabisca Onodis, Lieutenant Randall. ■Miss Onodis," she continued, "is the ●daughter

of an Algonquin Chief■, and is a boarder at the convent." "Aw, in●deed," said the officer, "I s■hould never have dreamed that y■our friend was an Indian girl.● Have you had much difficulty

in acquiring a kno

id Phil.
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"It is," rep
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lied his moth?/strong>
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■wledge of English?" asked the lieutenant. "■Not at

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